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With Safe Saver you will save hundreds of rands on your daily living expenses through super savings and benefits ranging from shopping and health expenses to medical, educational and legal advice, to loan and legal requirements, and because we’ve got your back, we’ve got your family’s safety covered too. As a member you will receive exclusive access to discounted products and services daily.

You’re safe in the arms of this Superhero, because we will catch you when you fall, and save you rands on brands!

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Panic Button

The Panic Button is enabled to trigger a panic alert via the Member’s mobile phone, which will result in a call back from one of our professional agents who will assist a member based on the emergency at hand.

A Member simply pre-registers their number on our system. Once the panic button is triggered the 24/7 contact centre will receive data in terms of the client’s approximate latitude/longitude information in order to facilitate the relevant emergency assistance.

Emergency assistance involves a call-back to the Member to establish the nature of the trigger such as being stranded in an unfamiliar location, requiring directions, burglary, or an unexpected medical emergency. Once the request for urgent attention is confirmed telephonically or though the USSD trigger, the relevant assistance is arranged and the standard operating procedure in terms of regular follow-ups are undertaken until the case is closed.

Medical Database

The Medical database ensures that the most relevant information is given to the emergency personnel that are dispatched in order to treat members in the most efficient and effective way in times of need.

The Medical Database stores the Member’s medical information in a virtual high security encrypted medical database. In the unlikely event that a members is hospitalized or rushed to an Emergency Room, paramedics and medical personnel will be equipped to make crucial lifesaving decisions. Any highlighted conditions shall be alerted, so that when the paramedic renders treatment, they will have the pertinent information on hand and take special precaution in rendering treatment. The Medical Database is linked to Panic Button, so should the Panic Button be triggered, Members relevant medical information will be available via the agent, to advise emergency response in advance. The information is protected under strict security system and personal details are only available on a need-to-know basis for Emergency Personnel to respond accordingly.

Emergency Roadside Assist

This benefit allows Members access to an efficient roadside emergency help desk. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year within the borders of South Africa for any of the vehicles used by the main Member. An appropriate service provider will be dispatched and continuous follow-up made until the roadside emergency is resolved or the car is taken to a place of safety.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Flat Tyre Assistance
  • Flat Battery Assistance
  • No Fuel Assistance
  • Keys Locked in Vehicle
  • Mechanical/Electrical Breakdown

Teacher Assist

This service provides a telephonic, after-hours homework helpline where qualified tutors assist learners with their homework or project queries. It provides access to the Internet and any information supplied through the Internet can be forwarded to the learners by e-mail, fax or courier service. They therefore receive telephonic assistance in order to do research on behalf of the learner. The role of the tutors is to encourage, explain and assist children with evening homework where so often parents are not available, or perhaps not equipped to deal with the task.

Tutors can assist with subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Business Economics, Geography, Biology, English, Afrikaans, Accounting, and Economics. Learner support is offered in English.

Service Hours are Sundays to Thursdays from 18h00 to 21h00 and excludes National School and Public Holidays.

Emergency Medical Assist Access

The customer is in touch with a 24 hour helpline to respond to medical incidents of any kind.

The following benefits are on an access only basis. These services include:

  • Telephonic Medical advice and information - 24 hours, seven days a week
  • Referrals to medical practitioners and facilities
  • Liaison with next of kin to keep them informed
  • Travelling companions for stranded minors (motor vehicle collisions)
  • Telephonic medical and travel advice

For the member's medical aid/own account:

  • Emergency medical response to the scene of an incident
  • Emergency medical transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility
  • Transfer of emergency medicine and blood

Cost in terms of services rendered by a service provider are payable by the customer’s medical aid, or if applicable costs are recoverable directly from Member.

Medical Assist Line

Questions and enquiries pertaining to general health topics, symptoms, medicines, surgery, medical conditions and illnesses and the treatment thereof are fielded and dealt with telephonically by professional and experienced nursing staff, 24/7.

The advice and information are not diagnostic but offers the customer appropriate, relevant advice and information. The service allows the customer to obtain information prior to a doctor’s consultation benefitting the customer in terms of cost saving and immediate professional advice.

The customer will be referred to a doctor should the nature of the call not be classified as a home remedy case. Reading material on particular subjects is also available.

Legal Assist

Professional, in-house, qualified legal advisors provide advice to the customer on any legal topic or matter ranging from debt and divorce to labour and domestic violence, 24/7. The legal service also provides for standard legal documents such as a domestic worker employment contracts, maintenance kits, offer to purchase, small claims court kit, etc.

In addition, the legal advisors will also peruse and evaluate agreements. Matters which require assistance by a practicing attorney will be referred to an attorney on the national database and the customer qualifies for a first 30 minute consultation, one letter of demand or a telephonic call to the party in question at no cost, at the discretion of the legal advisor.

Additional consultation in excess of the first 30 minutes is arranged between the customer and the attorney and paid for by the customer.

Travel Express Club

The Travel Express Club benefit provides savings and rewards with massive discounts on local accommodation, flights and car hire.

All offerings are available in real time via the website, where you can enjoy:

  • Guaranteed Savings at over 1200 resorts, Hotels, B&B of minimum 15% on the retail price in South Africa
  • 5-30% off accommodation with a choice of over 800 venues through Discounted Lifestyle Hotel
  • 50% off published rates on a real-time distress stock module with up to 500 discounted B&B’s and self-catering units at anytime
  • Up to 15% off national car hire brands through Avis, Budget, Tempest, National Care Hire and more
  • Up to 5% off Flights through exclusive arrangement with Mango
  • Concierge Desk - this takes care of all aspects of the Member’s trip and designs an itinerary specifically tailored to the Member’s specific needs. This includes sourcing and calling car hire, hotel bookings as well as the booking of the flights to ensure the best deal. The Travel Concierge officer is available 365 days a year during working hours
  • No Application Forms to be submitted, all members have instant access through online reservation and enquiry as well as Call Centre to Facilitate the Bookings

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Chill for 2

Chill for 2 is your personal DVD and CD gateway which can be used to browse and purchase the greatest selection of titles. More than just offering a great platform to browse music and movies, Chill for 2 offers incredible pricing on both CD’s and DVD’s.

You get incredible deals on DVD’s or 2 CD’s, and as a valued Member, you get these great offers delivered right to your door.

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His Or Hers

The His or Hers benefit is your discounted e-Portal and Call Centre Facilitated Benefit offering, which provides the latest in trendy gadgets, accessories and designer jewellery from the most trendy brands in the market.

Shop online for his/her watches - manufacturers include: Emporio Armani, Casio, Citizen, Nautica, Adorn and Seiko. Plus His or Hers offers a gorgeous selection of ladies rings and rugged men's gifts.

Members will receive incredible savings off the normal retail rates, sourced directly from the manufacturer directly to the public.

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Discount Vouchers

The Discount Vouchers benefit helps Members make decisions on all their lifestyle needs by giving discounted access to some of SA’s favourite national brand and service providers.

Members have access to huge range of discount partners which vary from holiday accommodation, travel packages and flights to car rentals, motoring, online shopping, restaurants and more.

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Some of our Discount Partners:
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