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With Safe Saver you will save hundreds of rands on your daily living expenses through super savings and benefits ranging from shopping and health expenses to medical, educational and legal advice, to loan and legal requirements, and because we’ve got your back, we’ve got your family’s safety covered too. As a member you will receive exclusive access to discounted products and services daily.

You’re safe in the arms of this Superhero, because we will catch you when you fall, and save you rands on brands!

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The Member is able to trigger a “panic alert” via his/her cell phone. The service requires pre-registration in order to search for the Member’s cell phone via the GSM network at the time when the distress button is activated. The 24/7 contact centre will receive data in terms of The Member’s approximate latitude/longitude information in order to facilitate the relevant emergency assistance. The Call Centre will have access to the member’s profile.

Emergency assistance involves a callback to the Member to establish the nature of the trigger such as – being stranded in an unfamiliar location requiring directions, burglary, unexpected medical emergency, etc. Once the request is confirmed telephonically or via sms, the relevant assistance is arranged and regular follow-ups are undertaken until the case is closed. Assistance includes message relay and conference calls with the relevant service provider such as the flying squad, towing contractor or relatives.

Only Vodacom, MTN & 8ta users will be have full access to the Panic Button services. Cell C and other network users will be able to press the Panic Button, but no location information will be available. A minimum of R0.20c airtime must be available (in the users account) in order to make use of this service. A network bearer charge is applicable.

This Service is only valid within the Republic of South Africa.

After registering, store this number in your phone & assign to a speed dial:

Panic Button:*120*2416*99#

Please call our Help Desk for queries and assistance.

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This service stores the member and his immediate family’s medical information in a high-security encrypted medical database. In the event of you possibly being hospitalised or rushed to an Emergency Room, paramedics and medical personnel will be able to make crucial lifesaving decisions.

    The information available shall include, but is not limited to:

  • Medical history and records;
  • Allergies;
  • Special Precautions;
  • Previous Operations;
  • Chronic Conditions;
  • Chronic Medication.

The Medical Database is linked to Panic Button, so should the Panic Button be triggered, the members relevant medical information will be instantly available via the Agent, to advise Emergency Response in advance.

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This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year within the borders of South Africa for the main member and the main member’s immediate family who are financially dependent on him/her. In the event of a medical emergency, this service entails the dispatching of an appropriate medical emergency service provider to stabilise and admit the patient to the nearest, most appropriate medical facility. Up to R5000 hospital admission cover is offered, and this amount is recoverable from the Member’s Medical Aid where possible – provided that the Member shall, following the event, immediately call the Assist Line, prior to being admitted to any facility.

This benefit also includes also includes a 24 hour helpline assisting with medical emergencies of any kind.

Telephonic Medical Advice Line:

Members have access to 24/7 telephonic medical information and advice line for instances of minor illness and conditions. Members have unlimited access to this medical advice line.

Emergency Medical Evacuation:

In instances where it is required, members will have access to an emergency medical evacuation or transportation service to the nearest and most appropriate medical facility.

Patient Monitoring service:

Where a member is admitted to a medical facility, SafeSaver will provide a service to monitor the patient’s condition and provide a messaging service to relatives or next of kin on request whilst the patient is in the emergency unit/ward.

Transport of Minors:

Where required during a medical emergency a transportation services will be provided for stranded minors to their home or to relatives and will be provided on discretion of the case manager.

Medical Service Referral:

SafeSaver members will have unlimited access to a medical referral service for information on doctors, medical facilities and pharmacies.


Members who experience a roadside breakdown or find their vehicle is immobile at home will gain 24 hour around the clock access to an efficient roadside help desk. An appropriate service provider will be dispatched and continuous follow-ups will be done until the car is driveable or at a place of safety.

In addition to the above mentioned SafeSaver members can also contact the Roadside Emergency Assistance service for the following incidents:

  • Flat Tyre:
    A tyre change will be taken care of on site. Should the standard tyre change equipment not be available on location of the breakdown, the vehicle will be towed to a destination of the member’s choice. In this case the members will pay the service provider directly.
  • Flat Battery:
    A jump start will be taken care of on site. In the event that the vehicle model does not allow for a jump start, towing to the nearest place of safety or repair is paid for.
  • Run out of fuel:
    The call-out fee to deliver fuel is paid for. The member will pay for the cost of the fuel.
  • Keys Locked In Vehicle:
    Locksmith’s call-out fee and 1st hour labour to retrieve the keys is paid for by the service.
  • Mechanical / Electrical Breakdown:
    Towing of the vehicle to the nearest place of safety or repair by an approved towing contractor is paid for by the service.
  • Accident Assistance:
    An Accident Assistance service is provided to our members. This service is provided to the member as support service to the members vehicle short term insurer and is not intended to replace the members vehicle insurance provider’s services. The cost for the service is paid for by the member directly or the members vehicle insurance company.In the event of a breakdown occurring more than 100km from the member’s permanent residence, emergency car hire or accommodation is arranged and paid for. Car hire is limited to a Class B vehicle for a 24hour period and a maximum cost of R500 per incident. Emergency accommodation is also limited to R500 per incident. Should the member require both benefits, only one service will be paid for.A message relay service is provided and messages are relayed or the member is put in touch with the relevant contact by means of conference call to take care of emergency arrangements.

Members will have access to qualified legal advisors for telephonic assistance 24/7 ranging from divorce and debt issues to labour and domestic disputes. This also includes standard legal documents such as domestic worker employment contracts, offers to purchase and small claims court kit as well as the perusal and evaluation of agreements. In addition, our in-house attorneys will refer member to a practising attorney for a first 30 minute consultation at no cost.


With Teacher Assistance an A+ is a phone call away. Members will have access to an after-hours, telephonic homework helpline where qualified tutors will assist with homework enquiries. Any info supplied through the internet can be sent to the learners by telephone, fax or email. Information sources include: Encyclopedias, dictionaries & past papers.

  • The tutor service is provided by qualified and practicing education specialists.
  • Tutors are highly qualified, practicing teachers and are at the forefront of teaching practices and curricula.
  • Tutors are further supported by administrative, research and IT personnel who assist in IT database compilation and project research.
  • Tutors offer assistance with the following subjects: Mathematics and Science, English, Geography, Afrikaans, Accounting, Economics, Business Economics & Biology
  • All services offered are available for primary and secondary students
  • Service Languages: English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Tswana, Pedi (direct service and/or translation capacities in any of the above)
  • Service Hours: Sundays to Thursdays 18h00 to 21h00 (excluding National School and Public Holidays)


Questions and enquiries pertaining to general health topics, symptoms, medicines, surgery, medical conditions and illnesses and the treatment thereof are fielded and dealt with telephonically by professional and experienced nursing staff, 24/7.

Airtime Benefit

Keep connected through the SafeSaver Airtime Benefit. Get exclusive offers and discounts on purchasing Airtime for your phone by buying in bulk. We aim to give you the best available rate on packages which start at a minimum of 12 months. Simply Contact your SafeSaver help desk and a friendly assistant will help you in choosing the best package to suit your lifestyle needs. Get more talk-time for less!

Chill for 2

Tired of paying an arm and a leg for entertainment? Driving to the mall to get a DVD or CD? Want to watch or listen in the comfort of your home? Then Chillfor2 is where you need to be! You get incredible deals on DVD’s or 2 CD’s, and as a valued member, you get these great offers delivered right to your door. Free membership for SafeSaver customers. Just follow these few easy steps:

  1. Register/Log onto with your SafeSaver Membership Number.
  2. Complete your details and delivery address (work address only accepted)
  3. Make payment via credit card, EFT or debit card.
  4. Once payment has been received, your order will be delivered to you by THE COURIER GUY anywhere in the country within 2-4 working days.

His or Hers

Your discounted e-Portal and call-centre-facilitated benefit offering, which provides the latest in Gadgets, Accessories and Designer Jewellery from the most trendy brands in the market. Exclusive to SafeSaver Members! Save from 20% to 50% off the normal retail rates. Directly from the manufacturer to the public.

Shop online for His/her watches - manufacturers include: Emporio Armani, Casio, Citizen, Nautica, Adorn & Seiko. Plus His or Hers offers a gorgeous selection of ladies rings & rugged mens gifts.

Best Deal Aggregator

We use a database of over 100 000 National Suppliers to provide 3 seperate independent quotes, on any product of choice.

We aggregate the information and the product line item, and will source from our accredited suppliers quotes in a given geographic are best suited to your needs and personal requirements. Best Deal Aggregator, further will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you are getting the best deal available, based on your given budget.

Loan & Money Advisor

The Money and Loan advisor, will source 3 independent quotes for Members based on their credit history.

We aim to bring you superior pricing on Loans and Quotes, and assist if you have any garnishing orders against youto be cleared, to ensure you can access qualify loans in the future.

Safe Saver Mail

Benefits & Services:

Have your own personalised email account to take with you wherever you go. Lavida Mail boasts an innovative user interface which includes an address book, calendar, with sorting & searching features. Folder and sub-folder creation is also available to help organise and archive your mail.

You will also be able to import and synchronise all your email accounts, including your twitter feeds, into a single remote access point so that you can access your mail anywhere, anytime.

The data centres of SafeSaver Mail are protected by highly sophisticated security technologies and boast a 99% uptime.

  • Great Features
  • Intuitive Webmail GUI
  • IMAP / IMAPs support
  • Mailbox Sorting & Searching

Discount Vouchers

The SafeSaver vouchers programme helps members make decisions on all their lifestyle needs by giving discounted access to some favourite brands and saving 1000’s of rands every month! Some of the discount partners our members have access to are holiday accommodation, travel packages, flights, car rentals, motoring, online shopping, education, coaches, restaurants, security and more!Simply follow the steps shown in the diagram below, in order to qualify for and redeem your discount.You need to source two things:
# 1 Your Rate Code / Virtual Voucher
# 2 The Contact number of A. the establishment or B. Central Reservations.You can get this information by calling our Support Centre, or by logging in to our members area and browsing our database. Once you have your Rate Code / Virtual Voucher, you can present it in-store, or quote it over the phone.


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